APG supplies various products in order to help flatten the curve. Our business model is driven by identifying problems and finding sustainable solutions to those problems.

  • PPE and Thermo Solutions

    Face masks

    -          KN 95 FFP2                                 R 39 EX VAT Each

    -          3M N95 Reusable                     R 55 EX VAT Each

    -          3M N95 Disposable                  R 50 EX VAT Each

    -          Disposable Surgical Masks             R 10.50 EX VAT Each (minimum order box of 50)

    -          Face Shield                                 R 39 EX VAT Each


    Cover All’s

    -          50 GSM Non- Woven Polypropylene Disposable             R  67 EX VAT Each

    -          50 GSM Spun Bound Polyester Reusable, Washable    R 135 EX VAT Each 



    -          Medic Spa Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer             R 1200 EX Vat Each

  • Sanitising Solutions

    Walk Through Sanitising Tunnels – Built to Spec:

    Entry Level Unit:  Galvanized Sheet/Chromodek. Pump. Variable Tank Size. 4 spray nozzles

    -          Starting price R 18 500 EX VAT

    Mid-Level Unit: Mild Steel. Pump. Variable Tank Size. 5 Spray Nozzles.

    -          Starting price R 26 000 EX VAT

    Supreme Unit: Stainless Steel. Pump. Variable Tank Size. 5 spray nozzles.

    -          Starting price R 48 000 EX VAT


    Hands Free Sanitiser Stands:

    -          Starting from R 1000 EX VAT


    Hand Sanitiser:

    -          Trigger Spray/ Mist Spray/ Flip Top/ Pump Nozzle

    -          Starting from 50ml up to 500ml for Domestic use

    -          5 litre and 25 litre refills available


    Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Solution

    -          5 and 25 litre options available


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  • Product Specifications

About Us

Apex Principle Growth Group Pty Ltd (APG Group) is an established Black-Owned company based in Gauteng.

Our core focus is to create synergies and value-added services by partnering and servicing businesses across multi-disciplinary economic sectors.

APG Group invests intellectual, financial, strategic and human capital for mutually beneficial synergies with its business partners. We believe in possibilities and see challenges as an opportunity to shift focus on getting things done a different way. Possibilities are endless and success is guaranteed.

APG aims to facilitate and bring businesses together in order to create trade opportunities that would otherwise not be realized through conventional means.



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