Synergy Services

  • Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Strategy
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Enterprise Development Support

Business Facilitation

  • Business Process Mapping and Implementation
  • Administration and Financial Management Support
  • Business to Business Networking and Deal Implementation
  • Partnered Services Solution

Business Support Services

  • DTI Funding Consulting
  • Business Plan Writing
  • HR Management
  • SETA Support and Training Facilitation
  • Legal and Accounting Services

Multidisciplinary Sector Profile

  • Commodity Sourcing and Supply (International)
  • Major Structural Autobody Repair Services (South Africa)
  • Short Term Commercial and Personal Lines Insurance (South Africa)
  • Business Systems and IT (South Africa)
  • Legal and Accounting Services (South Africa)

About Us

Apex Principle Growth Group Pty Ltd (APG Group) is an established Black-Owned company based in Gauteng.

Our core focus is to create synergies and value-added services by partnering and servicing businesses across multi-disciplinary economic sectors.

APG Group invests intellectual, financial, strategic and human capital for mutually beneficial synergies with its business partners. We believe in possibilities and see challenges as an opportunity to shift focus on getting things done a different way. Possibilities are endless and success is guaranteed.

APG aims to facilitate and bring businesses together in order to create trade opportunities that would otherwise not be realized through conventional means.



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